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Why do most diets fail?
Why do people find themselves in years of dieting and bingeing loops?
Have you ever gone on
a strict 
lost a bunch of weight, but failed to maintain your results and gained it all back? 
There are countless people going on the ketogenic diet as it has become very popular within the past years.
However, only some of them actually achieve their weight loss goals and maintain it - while most people diving into the low carb way of eating and intermittent fasting find themselves cheating with high carb and high energy foods and then trying to get “back on track”. 

The difference between the successful and the failed diets comes down to the very basic rules of biology that after reading this book, you will never again need to go on a search for the “perfect diet” that will solve all of your problems. It’s really easy once you have a SOLID PLAN to get you to your desired weight, with tips and tricks that can be applied life-long, and also even more importantly, a SOLID MINDSET AND BELIEF SYSTEM that will not only allow you to lose weight, but actually start identifying as a slim and healthy person which is the biggest key of not gaining the weight back and falling back into the yo-yo loop. We aim to bring people to the point of eating intuitively and going through this process easily. After all, one can only maintain their results if they enjoyed the process that got them there in the first place.

With Fast Keto™, you will have a real plan that will not only make sense but feel so easy to implement into your life
not just for this 28 days of the challenge, but for the rest of your life to never again be the person that you used to be.
Never be discouraged by the disappointments you had in your past. You CAN get the body of your dreams, you CAN lose the weight and keep it off and you CAN start fully living your life - quit obsessing about your weight, food, and stop putting your life on hold. With this 28 day challenge you will not only have the most basic (no BS, to the point) education on nutrition and how simple it really is, but also you will learn to use your eternal power to manifest the body of your dreams, the perfect health, and the optimal version of yourself that you are destined to become.
  • Complicated counting of macros or calories
  • Frequent frustrating keto weight loss stalls
  • Cravings and hunger pangs that won’t go away
  • Always wondering which recipes are keto
  • The temptation to use expensive drugs, powders, pills and potions
  • Processed foods that really are not keto
  • Simple, fast body transformation
  • Eat restaurant and supermarket foods
  • You never feel hungry
  • Tasty and delicious keto meals with no hard to locate ingredients
  • Happy, fast and motivating results

Regular Keto Has A Few Serious Problems

PROBLEM #1: Keto Starts Complicated And Comes With Information Overload
Most people are rather surprised to discover that Keto is way more difficult than it first seems. That early motivation and excitement rapidly turns to frustration as they get flustered from constantly having to count macronutrients (carbs, fats, and protein).
Unfortunately, the calculations can be complex and discouraging – even with an app. This is the number one difficulty people report when they get started on keto. Fast Keto does away with this problem and eliminates the need to count macros.

PROBLEM #2: Persistent Weight Loss Stalls
During the first couple of weeks on keto, most people will see a drop in (water) weight as the result of cutting back on carbs. This is a normal part of the process.However, once the body has been in a ketosis state for around a month, the body will find a set point and stay there. It’s called a ‘stall’, and can last for weeks, months, and in some cases, years! Getting stuck on a keto stall happens to most folks. And it’s also one of the most frustrating and discouraging things a person can go through. Many people quit keto after getting stuck.

PROBLEM #3: Recipe Overload
People don’t know what to eat on Keto. Their old brands and recipes aren’t keto. For an explanation consider the centipede that’s been walking along happily for years and then suddenly stops and wonders – what foot comes next in the line? And so the centipede rapidly comes to a dead stop. The good news is that there is now a much easier way to follow keto. It's Fast Keto! 
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fast keto beginners guide

Beginner’s Guide To Fast Keto™

Your all inclusive guide to:
How your metabolism works, why your body wants to store fat and how you can make it want to burn fat (not what you think!),
The common misconceptions about the keto diet and mistakes to avoid,
How you can cleverly arrange your times of carb-recycling according to your biological clock to get the best results of eating low carb,
Plus our extra tips, tricks and supplement recommendations that will accelerate fat loss. 

fast keto intermittent fasting

Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Discover the incredible benefits of intermittent fasting (IF) the ancient therapeutic tool. You will learn not only why fasting is so healing but more importantly how to implement IF in a way that makes sure you don’t lose muscle instead of fat, slow down your metabolism or end up with obsessive thoughts on food/overeating.

fast keto flu

Getting Through the Keto Flu & Transitioning to Ketosis

Learn how to smoothly get over the infamous keto flu, and minimise the unpleasant symptoms by avoiding the mistakes that lengthen the fat adaptation period. 

fast keto main courses

Main Courses Recipe Book

A a variety of colorful, healthy and fun recipes for everyday low carb meals. 

fast keto vegetable dishes

Vegetables & Side Dishes Recipe Book

Ideas to implement vegetables for low carb, weight loss friendly snacks, dips and sides to enjoy alongside your meals.

fast keto breakfast recipes

Breakfast Recipe Book

Sick of bacon and eggs? Here are some great options for low carb, high protein breakfasts that will keep you satiated, and your blood sugar stable throughout the day.



 4-week meal plan shopping lists for Fast Keto.


Luckily, low-carb eating works anywhere. Here we collected lots of options for main courses, sides, and appetizers that you can freely enjoy at restaurants. You’ll find new favorites and alternatives to unhealthy versions of popular meals from different cuisines of the world. 

Private Facebook Support Group 

This is a private support group for people who have signed up for the Fast Keto program only. In the group, the author of Fast Keto, registered dietitian Hazal Sari will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the program. 


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The author, Hazal Sari RD., is a clinical dietitian and a biochemical scientist. She has worked with over 1000+ patients, and continues to provide weight-loss and nutrition coaching. After seeing the typical patterns that keep people stuck in loops of years of dieting and bingeing, she has developed the principles of FAST KETO™️ and have successfully helped hundreds of people to reverse insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome with her easily applicable of lifestyle changes and method of getting rid of the limiting beliefs people hold about themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Keto™️

How and when will I receive the products?
Your e-book download links and the link to join our private Facebook group will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your purchase. Alternatively, you can create a membership by clicking the “Register Now” button and download the products from your membership page.

Is FAST KETO™️ Healthy? 
What we basically promote in FAST KETO™️ is to avoid the food-like garbage that we are surrounded with today which were not even a part of the humans’ diet until quite recently in history, and make choices in accordance with the diet of our ancestors that is in alignment with our biology. The way of eating we teach in FAST KETO™️ is not just limited to this 28 days of the challenge, it is a life-long applicable healthy version of keto with much less restrictions than the conventional keto diets out there, making it sustainable and also allowing you to get the benefits of healthy carbs without fear so that you won’t end up binge eating, and you won’t miss out on necessary nutrients. 

How is FAST KETO™️ different than other keto diets?
We have come up with the term FAST KETO™️ after ten years of experience in keto coaching. We implement only the aspects of keto that actually work for fat loss, and this higher protein way of low-carb eating leads to the ultimate fastest weight loss. Much of the keto advice out there focuses solely on increasing fat consumption, in an attempt to correct the mistakes of the past regarding nutritional advice, and going to the extreme opposite side - however this only works for a short period of time and leads to weight loss stalls. 

Plus, with FAST KETO™️ you do not have to do the complicated macro and calorie calculations, all of the meals in our meal plan and the recipe books already have the perfect balance of macros for weight loss. 

Finally, what makes our program unique is also highlighting the importance of working on changing your mindset, your core beliefs about your body and food which will allow you to maintain your results for the rest of your life by becoming the person that you want to become and never going back to your old story. 

How Much Weight Can I Lose on the 28-Day FAST KETO™️ Challenge?
Many clients lose up to 3 inches from their waist within the first week! With the 28-Day FAST KETO™️ Challenge, however our book contains the necessary steps for you to keep implementing the principles of FAST KETO™️ for as long as you need to lose weight, and then how to keep your weight stable for the maintenance phase when you are at your desired weight.

I don’t know anything about the keto diet, will it be enough to purchase FAST KETO™️? 
More than enough! You came to the best place if you are new to the low carb way of eating. Starting with FAST KETO™️ will actually save you a lot of time and confusion by teaching you how to steer clear from the common mistakes and flawed advice surrounding the keto diet that block people’s weight loss instead of helping them.

I have already been doing keto for a while. Will I still benefit from starting the FAST KETO™️ 28-Day Challenge?
Of course, even more so if you have already been practicing ketosis than if you are a beginner. With FAST KETO™️, you will learn why the weight loss stalls happen on conventional keto diets, and you will learn the common myths about that are going around, causing so many people to waste their time. 

Can I join gatherings / eat normally at social settings?
Of course. There are always going to be some plans and invitations. You can perfectly manage to find the foods from our approved foods list and eat them to satiety without having to explain to others or looking “strange”, the most important thing is that you watch out for what you need to avoid. 

Will I have to subscribe and pay monthly?
No. You will get 8 e-books and the 28-day meal plan with your purchase. There will be no additional charges after purchasing the FAST KETO™️ 28-Day Challenge.
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